About Us

Inlet Energy is the leading marketer of lubricants and related products in Alaska. Our team of professionals has the most Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS), Oil Monitoring Analysts (OMA) and Machine Lubricant Analysts (MLA) in the state, providing exceptional service to all customers since our inception in 1986. How do we guarantee our team is equipped to be your petroleum solutions provider of choice?

  • Service Expertise: Ongoing investment in employee training ensures the team is up to date with cutting edge product and application knowledge
  • Product Excellence: Partnerships with global leaders in lubricant manufacturing guarantee top-quality product access
  • Warehouse Efficiency: A state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot warehouse in Anchorage, newly designed with best-in-class bulk lube oil dispensing capabilities
  • Reliable Delivery: A proprietary fleet of package product trucks and fuel trucks operated by professional, safety-centric Inlet Energy drivers for safe and reliable delivery

As a NorthStar Energy business, Inlet Energy benefits from expanded reach into South East, Western and Inland Alaska through partnerships with sister companies Delta Western, Alaska Petroleum Distributing and Northern Oilfield Solutions.