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About Us

Alaska's leading marketer of lubricants and related products.

Inlet Energy provides exceptional customer service to retail, commercial and government customers in Alaska. Inlet's team of professionals has the most Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS), Oil Monitoring Analysts (OMA-1) and Machine Lubricant Analysts (MLA) in the state. Founded in 1986, Inlet Energy is based out of Anchorage with operations in Kenai, Fairbanks, and Prudhoe Bay. Inlet is also a major fuel distributor for the road system from the Kenai Peninsula to Fairbanks.
  • Enhancing machine reliability for customers across Alaska’s key industries
  • Best-in-class interior bulk oil dispensing in Anchorage
  • Major distributor of fuel along the Road System
  • Alaska’s only Chevron 1st Source Elite marketer